13 Galentine’s Day gifts that salute the awesomeness of your gal pal

Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming up, blah blah whatever. What’s more important is that Galentine’s Day is also coming up.

If you need a refresher about what that is, here’s Leslie Knope explaining Galentine’s Day:

Thanks, Leslie.

Here are 13 gift ideas to get you ready for Feb. 13. Because you can a nice gift for your significant other, but a gift for your galentine has to be perfect.

1. This “YAY” vase set

Demonstrates how happy you are with your friendship.

Image: target

Your galentine is joyful, vivacious, colorful and fun. This vase set captures her very spirit. So allow your galentine to adorn her spirit in flowers and show it off to everyone. YAY indeed!

Price: $29.99

2. A corgi butt pillow

Bubble butt, bubble bubble bubble butt.

Image: home and wild

If you have a galentine who loves both corgis and cuddly things, this may be the greatest object ever invented. Corgis notoriously have the most amazing butts in the dog (and human?) world, so you should give a corgi butt to your galentine that she can hug forever and ever.

It is also available in purse form, if your galentine would prefer to take it on the road.

Price: $23.99

3. A beautiful ring of her favorite animal

Just clinging to this finger. Nothing to see here.

Image: mary lou

If corgis are not your galentine’s thing, there are plenty of other animal-related options like these animal rings. They are beautiful, adorable and we guarantee your galentine will be obsessed with it immediately. There are rings and ring sets (the pictured sloth ring is actually a trio of rings) for just about every animal, from persian cats to seagulls.

Price: $79 – $139

4. A colorful air plant accent

Gold-dipped rock crystal? One for every room in my apartment, please.

Image: air friend/etsy

If plants are your galentine’s equivalent to a pet in her life, why not give her another to add to her collection. This air plant comes in a gold-dipped amethyst plant holder. Not only will it be the prettiest plant in her plant family, but it also will look good literally anywhere.

As is clear on the box, you will also be giving her an amazing pun so this gift is a double whammy.

Price: $15

5. This golden palm tree candle holder

Perfect for pretending that it is summer in the dead of winter.

Image: cb2

Another great home decor option is this golden palm tree candle holder. This is perfect for a galentine who loves palm trees, the summer, themed parties, Florida, any tropical place or those gold pineapples that keep showing up everywhere. Nothing complements a gold pineapple like a gold palm tree.

Price: $49.95

6. A personal marquee that doubles as a lamp

Idea: “Please do the dishes.”

Image: modcloth

If a gold palm tree is not a big enough statement for your galentine, the only thing to do is get her something that will allow her to express herself exactly how she wants. Enter a little marquee that doubles as a lamp. She will be able to proclaim any message she wants on her marquee lamp, and have that message backlit because what she has to say is just that important.

Price: $29.99

7. This fashionable phone charger that’s also a bag accessory

So sneaky, so hidden.

Image: urban outfitters

If your galentine likes making her voice heard, there is a good chance that she’s using her phone to do it on social media. Or maybe she just can’t get enough of Instagram and taking cute pictures of the two of you for her Instagram. Whatever the case may be, get her the gift of a easy-to-carry charging cord that looks way cuter than an actual charging cord. This way, documenting your friendship via pictures will never have to stop.

Price: $26

8. A personalized state-to-state necklace, for the long distance galentine

Miles apart, but still in your hearts.

Image: Thefolk/etsy

Some of us are not fortunate enough to have all of our galentines close by, where we can celebrate our friendship in person. If that’s the case, get both you and your galentine something that will remind you every day of where a portion of your heart always is. This delicate state friendship necklace allows you to put the places you live on one chain. It’s how classy does friendship necklaces.

Price: $34 and up

9. This incredibly cozy throw blanket

The #1 necessity for binge-watching Netflix.

Image: target

If your galentine values coziness or binge-watching television, this throw blanket is the way to go. Every time she uses it, she will be enveloped in the warm and loving embrace of your friendship. We guarantee that will be what goes through her head every time.

Price: $34.99

10. The classiest flask you will ever see

Gold just makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Image: modcloth

Maybe your galentine is more into hitting the town than cozying up on the couch. Help her get turnt up in the classiest way possible with this golden flask. It’s not bulky or ugly, there are no dumb phrases engraved on the front. It’s basically perfect.

Price: $23.99

11. This “Stay Woke” mug

Caffeinate for a cause.

Image: look human

There’s nothing better in the morning than a dose of caffeine and a reminder that it’s up to gals like us to make our voice heard for social justice. This “Stay Woke” mug is a great way to allow your galentine to do both. It’s also a subtle homage to the kid who stole everyone’s heart during the Women’s March, because that kid is the best.

Price: $15.99

12. We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Who run the world?

Image: Anchor

If you notice your galentine needs some inspiration staying woke beyond what a mug can give her, consider getting her something intellectually stimulating instead. We Should All Be Feminists is a short book, but a great reminder of what gal pals should be fighting for. Let it fill your galentine with a productive fire and empower her with new knowledge.

Price: $7.95

13. A ring that reminds her to always love herself

A beautiful manifestation of self-love.

Image: Fred and far

No matter what your galentine is into, what she likes and dislikes, she is a special lady and you love her for it. However, your galentine may not feel that love from others all the time. It’s a hard thing, to stand strong in the face of the many unrealistic expectations and pressures placed on women by the world.

So one of the best presents you could get her is an item that helps remind her to also love herself for the wonderful person you know she is. Fred and Far’s self-love pinky ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry that does just that. And if the pinky ring is too pricey, they also make other powerful reminders of self-love such as “Babe With the Power” enamel pins and “Smash the Patriarchy” galentine’s day cards.

Price: $179 – $379

Happy Galentine’s Day to ladies one and all!

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