Tonkinese Cat Has a Super-Special Purr (HD)

My Blue Point Tonkinese girl has a special squeaky high-pitched trilling purr. I wake up to this every morning when she gets me out of bed, and often during the day when she is excited about something. I love it! At the end when she stops purring it's like she's putting the brakes on! 🙂 The breeder tells me not all Tonks purr like this and it is unique to this mother and her kittens. I am very blessed to have one of the kittens from her litter, now an adult Platinum Mink, who has a similar trilling purr I have also taken video of. The Mink's purr is not nearly as intense. Perhaps as my mink gets older and continues to find her purr it will sound more squeaky like her blue point mother. Who knows?!

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