“But her breeder didn’t take her to a vets… he gave her up”

“The vet took her in and did the surgery to remove the eye as it was too late to be saved”

Still, this didn’t stop the woman from seeing beauty in her

“[I] fell in love at first sight, and brought her home”

There was only one concern: how the kitty would get along with the lady’s dog…

Turns out, there was nothing to worry about. Stitch made herself at home straight away

“It used to be that Alaska (my dog) would follow me everywhere…”

“Toilet and shower included. Now, there are two.” They became inseparable

“They eat together, sleep together, play together…”

“And I’m pretty sure if Stitch was allowed outside they would also poop together”

“I haven’t had Stitch long, but she’s brought so much love with her”

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