20 Pregnant Animals Who Just Want the Baby Out of Them Already

Pregnancy is an intense experience. We often dont relate to the hardships of pregnancy when it comes to animals.

But these pictures provide a perspective that you cant help but feel for. And even be entertained by as some of these expressions are truly priceless! The poor moms are huge and clearly cannot wait until their kids come out! Check these mommy animals out:

20. Georgia the Goat

This nanny goat named Georgia is expecting some kids and you can see her situation, along with her expression, is one of frustration as no doubt she is anxiously awaiting her kids to get on out!

19. Japanese Macaque

Shes so pregnant, she cannot even move! This is a Japanese macaque who is simply going to chill out and do some reading until its delivery time.

18. Monk Seal

Around four years old are when the female monk seals will mature. They usually will pump out about a calf a year. Since they are endangered, every little baby is indeed important. Heres one who is expecting on the beaches of Hawaii.

17. Georgia the American Bulldog

This bulldog mommy is feeling the frustrations of the waiting game. She wants to give birth, like now! American Bulldogs will give birth to an average of 11 puppies and the pregnancies can last around 62 days.

16. Sphynx Cat

Doesnt this just say it all! Mommy is not happy that her kids are still playing around inside and are not yet ready to pop out! Shes a hairless sphynx cat and her expression is classic. And shes big! Their pregnancies last around 65 days, and this was probably taken during those last few weeks of frustration!

15. Ferret

This ferret is fat! But its not because of a bad diet, its because shes about to pop out probably around eight little ferret babies. Though they can have as many as 18, and judging from the size of this gal she may be leaning towards that number! Luckily they only have 6 weeks of pregnancy to endure.

14. Guinea Pig

Heres a big and pregnant guinea pig who ended up having a whopping five pups (three is the average). Their gestation period usually lasts from 59 to 72 days.

13. Harbor Seal

Heres a harbor seal who is beached out in the sun in Alsea Bay, Oregon. Shes waiting for the tide to come in, but in the meantime shes taking a break. And well deserved as they can be pregnant for up to 11 months.

12. Zebra

A pregnancy for a zebra can last up to 12 months! Usually they just have a single foal, and as you can see , this mommy is huge and couldnt fit another one in there!

11. Giraffe

You can imagine how all that extra weight can drastically affect the standing ability of the big and tall Giraffe. Apparently these giraffes can stay with their calves for 460 days long!

10. Merino Sheep

This big ol sheep is ready to go in any moment! She has a big baby on the way no doubt! This photo comes from Gross Kreutz, Germany from Sean Gallup.

9. Shetland Pony

These ponies have pregnancies that last a whopping 326 days! This mini horse cannot wait to go back to being mini once again!

8. Pig

Shes just gonna ride it out on the ground until these kids are ready to come out into the world. She should have around 10, and she likely has been pregnant for over 100 days.

7. Frog

While technically this frog isnt pregnant, she is carrying the eggs in her, and sometimes, those eggs can be 20,000 at a time!

6. Daisy the Hippo

The thing about Hippos is that their babies are actually 10-times bigger than the size of human babies! The hippo here, Daisy here has been pregnant for eight months.

5. Seahorse

So the deal with female seahorses, is that they actually insert their eggs into the males! And its end up becomn males who pop out from 100-1000 babies!

4. Fox Squirrel

This big preggers fox squirrel is snacking away big time! You dont want to interrupt a squirrel this size. She ended up having three big bushy-tailed babies!

3. Gorilla

This is a gorilla from 2012 who is pregnant and cannot wait for her child to arrive, as shes sitting, and wondering when the time will be!

2. Sheep

Heres a fully loaded lamb who is still fully functional as she wanders the countryside awaiting the departure of the 1 to 3 lambs shes going to have.

1. Pig

Shes near her due date and oh boy is she ready! Get out, get out, get out! Her expression says it all

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