My Bengal Cat Is Broken

For all those commenting that I am beating and hurting my cat, I am definitely not doing either. I am lightly patting her on the thigh muscles and gently holding her tail (if you notice the tail going through my hand, I don't yank it, I am just holding it). The sound in the video makes it seem more then it is. This cat literally climbs this pole every day and hangs her bum off, rawring for me to come 'get her'. Its her game. She loves it. A LOT of bengals love to be rough housed with. I am not hurting her in ANY way! If you watch any of my over 300 videos you will never see an unhappy or injured cat. You will see healthy, happy, balanced cats that play every day and run and race and wrestle and enjoy life. Bengals in general are VERY muscular and most like rough play. Plus my cats are raw fed (100% meat diet) and frankly their muscle mass is incredible over a commercial fed cat. I worked at vets for over 10 years, I volunteer and do foster/rescue work, I am not a rookie in handling animals or what would cause them to be injured.


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Just thought I would give you a sampling of what it is like to 'hang' out with Mia one morning. She is a goof, she knows it, and she TOTALLY uses it to get attention 🙂

If you watch my 'hooman' vlogs you might have seen a shorter version of this before. Check out that channel if you want daily updates of the felines

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