Bengal Cat Throwdown

Sunbeams and two bengals? Sounds like a perfect time for a full blown wrestling match!

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The Pet Meadow Crew:
Dexter, our patriarch, is 18 and is a devon rex/shorthair mix
Mia is our 5 yr old spotted bengal, born 2/2011
Max is our newest addition, born 10/2015
Reece is our ever patient lab, she is 3 years old in May.

Adding to the chaos is our toddler Adeline 🙂

Bengal Cat Tips:
Bengal cats are quite stunning and exuberant fun cats, but they are definitely NOT for everyone. I am a stay at home mom who daily participates in exercising and entertaining our crew. We accept that we need lots of cat trees and no expensive furniture. They do much better in pairs having a fellow bengal to wrestle, chase and romp with of similar energy level. Bengals can sometimes be overwhelming to other non active cats. A bored bengal is a bengal in trouble!! Do you research and if you truly decide a bengal is right for your family, then find a good responsible breeder and spay and neuter your new kitten! Otherwise, just enjoy the fun videos of bengals 🙂

Passed on to the Rainbow Bridge:
Bayou (marble bengal boy) – ~ 17 yrs old passed in Sept 2015 (cancer)
Cosmo (grey tabby) – 18 yrs old passed in 2013 (kidney failure)
Asia (spotted bengal) – 2 yrs old in May 2011 (feline dysautonomia)
They are all greatly missed and loved

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