Therapy Cat Thula Helps Her Human Overcome Daily Hurdles

We’ve seen therapy animals of all kinds. Usually, dogs are the animals who help man the most, but we’ve seen everything from a therapy turkey to a therapy kangaroo! And did you know there are also therapy cats?

Though cute and cuddly, cats aren’t known for their enthusiastic and helpful natures. But a special kind of cat is changing that view. The Maine coon cat is the largest of all the domesticated breeds, but it’s their compassionate nature and intelligence that people remember most. This makes them perfect companions for those who need a little help overcoming the challenges that present themselves in everyday life.

Thula is a Maine coon cat who takes care of her 6-year-old human, Iris Grace. Iris is autistic and had trouble speaking and interacting with others. That was, until Thula came along. The cat calms her down when she experiences anxiety and never leaves her side. Iris has even taken up painting as a way to express herself, encouraged by Thula’s presence.

The 6-year-old’s life has truly changed for the better because of Thula, in a way that medicine could not. Thanks to the adorable kitty, Iris is making leaps and bounds in overcoming the daily hurdles!

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