MY FURRY FRIEND TAG: Starring our Birman cat Sheherazade

We have two cats and this is one of them. Meet Sheertje the diva cat!

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING OUR VIDEO! We are Amani and Cahyona. A Dutch, Indonesian and Chinese twin from the Netherlands (who happen to be muslim) Sometimes we wear a hijab and sometimes we don't. We have our reasons for that. Maybe you'll think that's weird, but maybe your weird is our normal 😉
In our family there are many cultures and religions, but we all get along just fine.
That is what we want for our channel Daily Twinlife. A place where people with an open mind can come together and have positive conversations in a respectful way. Black, white, African, Asian, Muslim, Christian, male, female, gay or straight…to us it doesn't matter. We are all human and everyone is welcome as long as you respect each other.

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Intro music: Left U Into (sting) by Otis McDonald



Camera: Canon Eos 700D
Note: Vlogs are recorded with our phone. A Samsung Galaxy S5

Lighting: Falcon Eyes LED Ring light ( DVR-300DVC op 230V ) and two umbrella lights.

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