American Shorthairs Day One

Two pure bred American Shorthair males, one silver white, the other a classic silver tabby. They were bought for pets and will be a big part of our family.
This video is the first day in their new home.
If you want a particual breed of kitty go to the cat shows to meet the breeders. They are all a great group of people.
We lost our American Shorthair silver tabby in Dec. 09. Willy, our new kitty, comes from his genes. Tally's daddy was Maverick, Willy's mommy is his heir. It is wonderful having another classic silvery tabby in the family.
Bob is extremely loving and out going, Willy is a bit stand offish and skittish. He will be fine given a bit of time. He does love to be petted on his terms right now.

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