Blind Persian Cat Finally Gets The Forever Home She Deserves

Moet began her life as many kittens do, waiting for a forever home.

The beautiful Persian felinespent her days cramped in an unkempt cage with other cats, looking forward to the day someone would take her home from the pet store. One by one, her litter mates were adopted.

Sadly, Moet caught the cat flu and the pet shop keepers did little to care for her. She became ill and began to lose the ability to see. It seemed no one wanted to take the sick, poor kitten home.

Thankfully, this was the only the beginning of Moet’s story. A woman known for making sweeps through animal shelters, to seek out at-risk animals, passed through the small Middle Eastern town, where Moet resided.

The woman told the shop owner that she would take Moet to the vet for treatment and return her. Luckily for Moet, her savior had no intention of returning her to the negligent owners of the pet shop, and instead sought to find Moet the forever home she deserved.

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Moet had a rough start at life. She was brought to a pet shop as a kitten in the small Middle Eastern town of Oman to be sold.

Moet was crammed into a small, dirty cage with her litter mates. Emily Shotter, a member of Omani Paws, a rescue team in Oman, described the scene.

“Many of the pets in the pet shops in Oman are in awful condition, with little food or water, wire-floor cages that are too small and no beds, toys or care,” Shotter told the Dodo.

A woman who does sweeps of these negligent pet shops came across Moet one day. The poor kitten was in terrible condition. She had caught the cat flu from a former litter mate and was all alone, emaciated, and going blind.

The woman took Moet and rushed her to the Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic for treatment. Due to the illnesses she contracted in the pet shop, her eyes had become a source of infection and had to be removed.

Although Moet had experienced nothing but hardship until this point in her life, things were about to change for the better. Shotter had recently immigrated from theU.K., and waslooking for a rescue to take in.

“The clinic told me they had a 1-year-old blind Persian cat, but that she wouldn’t be advertised because they wanted just the right owner for her,” Shotter said.

Although Shotter wasn’t sure she could put in the time needed to care for a disabled kitten, she made the trip to meet Moet.

Unsurprisingly, Shotter fell head over heels for the friendly Persian cat.

“There Moet was, a sweet little champagne-colored Persian, with stitches in her eyes where they had recently been removed,” Shotter said. “I crouched down next to her to stroke her. Instantly, she rolled over for tummy rubs and purred really loudly.”

Despite Moet’s rough beginnings, she took to her new owner and her new forever home quickly so well, in fact, that people whomeet her are surprised to find out she can’t see!

“So many people who meet her ask, ‘Are you sure shes blind?’ Shotter told LittleThings.

Moet has been in her new home forwell over a year now, and since she’s moved in, her fur family has grown!

She now shares a house with two kitty sisters and a brother, all of them rescues.

Moet may not be able to see, but she seems to be enjoying life just like any other cat.

“She has learned my flat by heart (as blind cats do, very easily) and chases around the place at top speed, playing with her fur-siblings, being feisty, running after toys, bounding over at the sound of the cat food tin,” Shotter told LittleThings.

“As for her future, I hope for many happy years together, filled with love, care and fun. I also hope that Moet can raise awareness for the plight of animals in Oman, as well as for so-called special-needs cats,” Shotter explained.

Shotter’s ultimate goal is to use any of the money she raises from Moet’s website to build a cat shelter in the small town of Oman.

Moet is finally living the lavish life every cat deserves.

“I would always encourage others to look for blind or other ‘differently abled’ cats you will be rewarded by love and amazed every day at how well they do,” Shotter told LittleThings.

If you’d like to follow Moet and her rescued siblings’ stories,or donate to Shotter’s cause, visit their website!

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