Gandalf The Traveling Cat Is On A Quest To See All The Wonders Of The World

Since the advent of the Internet, we’ve witnessed many unique pet personalities rise to fame.

Loving owners create adorable social media accounts for their pets, documenting every important moment in their lives, their travels, their little food adventures, and their hilarious habits and quirks.

Recently, one furry newcomer has caught our eye. His name is Gandalf, and he is a 2-year-old Siberian cat with piercing lime green eyes and a luscious coat of fur.

Just this past year, he has traveled with his two young owners to nine different states across the country, and to two new countries.

It’s wonderful when both animals and humans alike find their true calling and passion in life. And just as this big fluffy cat makes the elderly smile in a retirement home, Gandalf has found a way of life with which he is truly comfortable.

Scroll further to see amazing pictures of Gandalf on his travels, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Gandalf is a 2-year-old Siberian cat who lives with his two humans in California.

He is far from an ordinary cat, however, and leads a life that is far from sedentary.


Just in 2015 alone, Gandalf has traveled to nine states in the country, and has visited two new countries.

One of his owners, Reddit user monklou, has even started a chat forum discussing all of their adventures.


We started taking him out with us since he was just a few weeks [old]. He loves it! said Gandalfs owner.

The two 22-year-olds rescued Gandalf as a 5-week-old kitten in a veterinary hospital in Korea.

At the time, he battled with a harsh respiratory infection, but recovered fully.


After turning 8weeks old, Gandalfs owners started leash-training him, preparing him for a fun, active lifestyle.

As soon as we pick [the leash] up he runs to the door and sits down for us to put it on, wrote the owner. He is a travel bug.


Gandalf isnt fussy at all when it comes to traveling.

Gandalf loves people and is not shy, but on crowded streets we will carry him to safer spots where we can let him down without him getting trampled, said the owner.


Gandalf has even flown on planes and, save for the landing and takeoff, loves every minute of flying.

His owners first started off by traveling to smaller cities, and worked their way up in crowed levels so that Gandalf could become accustomed to the noise and people.


The little family also loves visiting trails and nature parks across the country, because they have the option to walk at Gandalfs pace.

They recommend some safety precautions to fellow cat owners wishing to venture out: not every park is pet-friendly, and some trails may see stray dogs, so beware.


Very few cats enjoy traveling, so Gandalf is certainly rare.

He seems to love short rides, and prefers to sit on his owners laps, or in his own seat so that he can stare out through the window.


He is a very lucky kitty. He has another big move planned for 2016 that will take him back across the Pacific, said his owner.

Go adventure! Life is too short to just look out the window.

Click here to see more fascinating photos on Gandalf’s Instagram account.

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