The Fluffiest Cat Ever Will Definitely Brighten Your Whole Day

Everyone loves fluffy animals. Even seeing a picture of one can make your fingers twitch a little with the overwhelming desire to just start snuggling that beautiful fluffy creature be it cat, dog, or even an adorablebaby ostrich.

So get ready for some of the most intense fluff-snuggling desire you’ll ever feel. MeetSky, a cat who takes fluffiness to a whole new level!

He’s a breed known as a ragdoll, so named for their docile, easygoing nature. And in his case, it makes him even more pillow-like than he already looks.

This adorable feline gets his name from the fact that his eyes are sky blue and that he looks like a little puffy cloud! Blue eyes are another characteristic of the ragdoll breed, as are super-silky coats.

Provided you don’t mind getting familiar with a cat brush, it’s a great breed if you like a cat that can cuddle.

Check out Sky and his fluff below, and you’ll soon be feeling the need to hug something fluffy!

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Meet Sky. He’s a male ragdoll cat who is easily mistaken for a small cloud, large ball of dryer lint, or stylish fur stole.

To get a real sense of his expert-level fluffiness, here is a human holding him in her arms for scale.

And here is a normal cat for comparison. You’ll notice these smart humans matched their furniture to their cats.

Sky’s ragdoll heritage makes him characteristically easygoing and placid, and he likes to spend a lot of time lazing in his humans’ bed, impersonating a throw pillow.

He’s much more relaxed that other kinds of cats, which is reflected in his slouchy posture.

But that doesn’t stop him from being photogenic.

Not least of all because of his sky blue eyes, another trait of the ragdoll breed.

Looking at him, it’s hard to even tell there’s a cat under all that fluff.

Of course, having such a fluffy cat requires maintenance, and so Sky is brushed regularly. And when that happens, he sheds enough hair to make “Sky 2.0.”

But Sky is okay with all of this. So long as he can nap, he’s good.

In fact, he spends much of his time sprawled out, belly up.

“Rumor has it that Sky is only 5% cat and 95% fluff,” his humans report. But they’re sure you’ll agree that he’s “100% adorable.”

And they’re right.

Let’s hear it for Sky!

You can keep up with Sky’s daily fluffs on his Instagram, which is a great place to go when you need a dose of cuteness.

And for extra cuteness (and as a testament to Sky’s patience), check out the video below.

A video posted by Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll) on Nov 28, 2015 at 9:24am PST

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