Emu And Ostrich Hilariously Dance With Cat Toy

Although cats and dogs will likely always rule the pet world, nowadays more and more people are choosing to own moreunusualpets.

A cat lover may chose to get something a little more exotic than a traditional cat, opting for a bengal catinstead.

The people who may have picked out a hamster at the store before are now going for cute and cuddly chinchillas.

The pet owner in this video might take the cake for her unique pets though, because together they take the spots for largest and second largest species of bird in the world!

At 6 months old, this ostrich and her emu friends (who were hand-raised from the time they were eggs) love nothing more than to play and explore.

What is even cooler is that their owner also houses a plethora of other animals including camels, dogs, sheep, and more, and hopes to eventually share the animals that are in her videos posted to CamelsandFriends in a real-life petting zoo!

In the meantime, we get to watch videos like this one where emus Kabul and Fig, along with ostrich Sexy Sexy Sniper, do hilarious things like this “tango dance” when they get a new toy to play with.

One thing is for sure – the second the petting zoo opens, I’ll be first in line!

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