Daily Dose Of Adorable: Boomer The Bengal Cat

Even though it might look easy, it can be quite hard being a pet! Dog or cat, these amazing animals go through a lot every single day and rarely ever get the thanks they deserve.

When Dad set up a cute little ball pit, he had no idea that it would be such a huge splash for his amazing cat, who is appropriately named Boomer. This beautiful feline is the newest family member to the Catmantoo family, and you’d be surprised to learn that Boomer is a Bengal cat, and unlike most house cats, he’s filled with quite a fair share of “wild” traits.

Boomer’s human is used to training energetic puppies to become police dogs, so when he realized that this cat needed to be adopted, he knew this feistybreed would be the perfect fit for his family of amazing animals!

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And please watch the adorably perfect video below!


This might look like a normal ball pit for children, but in a few moments, you’ll see who the real “kid” of the house is!

Dad pours the colorful balls in and out of the big blue tub, but it seems like he caught an extra rider somewhere in between stops.

This beautiful cat goes by the name of Boomer, and he loves to play with his family more than anything else in the world.

In the video below, Boomer the Bengal cat shows off just how beautiful his coat is. Thank goodness Boomer’s human adopted him because these cats need alotof space to run around and mental stimulation to keep their minds as sharp as possible.

But when Dad isn’t busy playing with his cat, there are definitely quite a few other family members that Boomer can get to know. Not only does he have his fellow cat, Didja, but he has some playful dogs to relax with from time to time.

Boomer might be different than most cats, but after a long day of playing around with his friends, he shows off his true nature when he plops down for a nice long catnap just like any other kitty.

Please check out the adorable video below.



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